Business Consultations/Plans


Woodbury Reports Client Ethics:

  • We treat each client as our only client and are available for follow up issues after our consultations.
  • We respect the unique challenges of each client.
  • We honor our client's confidentiality.
  • Our fees are reasonable and flexible.
  • We work only with companies who have a strong sense of mission and posses impeccable ethics.


Business Consultations include helping Schools/Programs/Services to:

  • Determine the market place needs for programs/services and provide an unbiased direction for development.
  • Refine program models in order for the program to clearly develop a model that is unique to each company and their leadership.
  • Provide direction to companies who are in need of putting into place critical quality improvement and risk management systems.
  • Assist companies in identifying successful marketing strategies.
  • Assist companies in developing effective budgets for success and pricing structures.
  • Provide an analysis of employee availability and direction as to the positions required in developing a successful program.
  • Provide direction in the development of a business plan.
  • Provide development of clear and start-up work plans.
  • Assist in the development of organizational structure, program implementation, and supervisory structures.

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