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New Perspectives

Aug 19, 2010, 12:03

Clearfield, Utah
Brian Garlock

Youth Health Associates is a residential care and therapy services organization. The company operates six campuses in the state to treat both males and females from 12 to 18 years old. The programs are designed to treat sexual issues.

Clinical Supervisor for Youth Health Associates, Mindy Nance, LCSW, TRS, received her Master of Social Work in 2003 and a BS in Therapeutic Recreation in 1998. She has been employed with the company since 2001. She is very active with the youth in the programs through outdoor activities. Clinical Director and company Owner, Brian Garlock, LCSW, has been working with troubled youth since 1993.He oversees all functions of the company and its programs. The YHA programs are licensed by the state of Utah.

Youth Health Associates programs all use a Clinical and Behavioral Levels system. This system helps track the client's progress through the recovery process. The Clinical levels include concepts such as Accountability, Behavioral Cycles, Relapse Prevention, Skills for Success, Relationship Skills, and Empathy. The Behavioral Levels are used to evaluate the student's behavioral performance and the accumulation of "points" for good behavior determines visitation and other privileges for the student. Treatment plans unique to each student determine the types of therapy and counseling used.

The six programs operated by Youth Health Associates are all located in the state of Utah and include: Draper Youth Ranch, Stepping Stones, Cedar Valley Ranch, Lakeview, Eagle Academy, and Lakeside Academy.

[This information came from the Youth Health Associates website.]

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