New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Nov 5, 2004, 20:04

Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
Randall Hinton and Justin Nielson - Co-Founders

White River Adventure is a therapeutic boarding school for defiant boys ages 13-17. The program is a military style teen boarding school, where the boys must complete several levels of training over the course of one year. White River Adventure offers: Academics, Health and Therapy, Family Support, Self-Esteem Building, Positive Peer Culture (PPC), and Recreation Therapy.

Students begin the program on stage one and are required to complete four stages of morality in order to graduate. White River separates the boys into 'families' of students according to their common needs and issues, and they must attend daily PPC group sessions, within these 'families.' Rewards and advancement are part of the PPC program, which also provides an opportunity for "consistent trust and integrity among students." Individual Therapy is available as often as necessary to be "productive and successful in the various issues the students face."

The school has a large, fully trained staff to supervise the boys, and certified teachers assist them in an academic independent study program. The boys study with others at their educational skill level, and are encouraged to achieve their personal academic goals.

For boys who don't need long-term residential placement, White River Adventure also offers a 60-90 day Wake up Call Program where boys participate in a rigorous daily schedule consisting of emotional growth, PPC group sessions, self-esteem building, goal setting and goal review sessions, service projects, daily chores, life skills and independent living such as cooking and cleaning. Students may also participate in Individual Therapy at an additional cost. Accredited Academics are unavailable in the short-term wake up call programs, but the boys are in class six days a week to sharpen academic skills in many of the basic courses like Math, Science, English, History and more.

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