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New Perspectives

May 17, 2010, 13:33

Rye, New York
Peter Schoenholtz
Program Director

Opened in 2000, The Westfield Day school is a private, day, therapeutic school for students in grades 7-12 and now offer a summer program open to all students needing to improve their academic skills and gain new interests in a wide variety of elective courses. Also included in this summer program is the option to receive therapy.

Peter M. Schoenholtz, LCSW is the President and founder of the Westfield Day School and is the acting Program Director, working directly with the students and families. Pamela Heldman, MS/Ed., is the Academic Director and has been with Westfield since 2007. Pamela has over thirty years experience as a teacher and leader in alternative education and is a recipient of the Jenkins Award.

This summer program offers individualized standard course curriculum for students needing to prepare for the NYS Regents exams, intensive preparation for the SAT's and academic remediation to fill in academic gaps, prepare for high school or gain organizational skills.

Electives are divided into three categories: Mind, Body and Spirit. Elective courses offered in the Mind category include creative writing, debate team, multimedia, graphic design and graphic novels. Fitness, weight training, aerobics and Zumba, nutrition, stress management and strength training are courses in the Body category and meditation, yoga, drama, guitar, journal writing fall into the Spirit category. All classes meet half days, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The summer program dates are July 6th through August 12th 2010.

[This information came from The Westfield Day School website and brochure.]

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