New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Jun 23, 2008, 14:47

Ogden, Utah
Karen Nickel, MS,Ed,
Owner/Director of Admissions

Waterfall Canyon Academy, founded in 2006, is a licensed home for male students ages 12-17 who struggle with self esteem issues, poor social skills, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, anger, impulsiveness and anxiety. In addition, issues concerning troubles in school, academics or behavior, ADHD, stealing, substance abuse and destructive behaviors may also be present.

Founders and owners of Waterfall Canyon are Karen Nickel, MS, Ed, is Director of Admissions, Kathy Nickel, BS, is Director of Operations and Richard Dimick, MSW, is Executive Director and President of Utah Youth Providers Network.

Each student receives an individual treatment plan and a primary therapist who will head up the clinical team for the student. Therapeutic services include individual, family and group therapy. Students participate in daily support groups focusing on areas that may include: relationship building, trauma and emotional management, chemical dependency or abuse and adoption issues.

Academics are accredited through the Northwest Association of Schools and incorporate experiential learning techniques in addition to the regular curriculum of the students. The students participate in daily fitness and physical training that includes hiking, skiing, cardio-training and strength training.

Recreational activities for the boys include sporting events, bowling, community outings and events, camping and trips to local theatres, museums and art galleries.

[This information came from the Waterfall Canyon Academy website.]

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