Oct 27, 2009, 15:11

How do people find information about private residential schools and programs around the country/ world for children with problems?

Since 1998, people could find this information on the website, owned by StrugglingTeens, LLC This 700,000+ page website features the latest in breaking news, visit reports, articles and essays designed to help parents and professionals seeking resources for a child or young adult needing something more than local resources could provide. Every article published on is still available online. This invaluable source of information allows visitors to learn as much information about a school or program as they can. It is easily searchable and offers a history of this network, staff information, program details, third party perspectives, etc. Unique visitors to the site currently average about two thousand a day.

Over the last several months, StrugglingTeens has also utilized social networking to allow multifaceted interactivity. Social networking is the latest expansion of the potentialities of the Internet. It is a fairly new medium that emphasizes two-way conversations, differing from the normal one-way broadcasting. In other words, social networking allows a coffee house discussion or dialogue versus the college lecture hall where the professor presents the material with limited or no discussion.

Because of the immediacy caused by the Internet and the need for social interactivity, it has become critical for any business to stay connected via social networking. Now visitors can join the StrugglingTeens social networks and discuss schools and programs in addition to doing their own research on Our social networking focuses on every outlet possible to get information to the readers. StrugglingTeens is active on:

Twitter (
Facebook ( and

Twitter continues to be the most rapidly growing segment of the Internet. Sometimes referred to as micro-blogging, “tweets” are limited to 140 characters so it can only provide the basic information, not be bogged down by marketing fluff. The headlines of every press release, article, Visit Report, New Perspective, Essay, job opening and blog post are posted on Twitter with a link to the source for full details. In addition, headlines and links are added when we find stories and relevant information on the Internet.

Utilizing social networking as a way of communicating this network with the world is important. Of course, news, articles and information will continue to be available daily on, too, especially for those who prefer not to use the sometimes overwhelming mediums of social networking. For those who do prefer social networking, stop by any of our accounts and say hello!

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