New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Apr 23, 2004, 11:23

Lake Wales, Florida
Melanie Anderson, Director of Admissions

The Vanguard School is a co-educational boarding school for youth ages 10 and above who exhibit some type of learning disability including dyslexia and attention deficit disorder. The school is open to students from September to June each year. Vanguard offers individually designed academic, social and personal programs for its students. Founded in 1966, the Vanguard School strives to “help each student acquire basic academic skills” through a combination of “stimulating classroom instruction and carefully targeted individual therapies.”

The academic program offers both a Junior School and Upper School curriculum for grades five through post graduate. In the Upper School, students are allowed to choose between a college oriented academic diploma or a career oriented practical studies diploma. Vanguard also offers a Thirteenth Year Program for students who completed high school but need additional academic or social experience. Students in both schools have access to special therapy programs for language, speech, reading, etc. The Vanguard School is accredited through the Florida Council of Independent Schools and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

At age 13, students begin participating in a level system, which promotes the “development of maturity by rewarding responsible behaviors with additional freedoms and privileges.” Students of all ages are challenged to take part in the interscholastic athletic programs including soccer, basketball, tennis and track and field for boys, and volleyball, basketball, track and field and cheerleading for girls.

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