New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Jul 23, 2007, 22:06

Lenox, Massachusetts
Terry Owens-Gilbert, Admissions Director

Valleyhead, Inc. is a residential school for girls and young women ages 12-22 that have poor impulse control, difficult family relationships, low self-esteem, drug and/or alcohol abuse, sexual or physical abuse, or "demonstrate behaviors that fall into a wide range of diagnostic categories including mood, anxiety, psychotic and personality disorders."

Licensed by the Massachusetts Office of Child Care Services and approved by the Massachusetts Department of Education and the Department of Social Services, Valleyhead's education program includes a balance of academic, vocational and creative arts, with students grouped based on age, instructional levels and emotional needs.

Girls at Valleyhead participate in team sports, community-based youth groups, and cultural events, off campus jobs, family visits and eventual enrollment at the local public high school.

Students receive individual, family and group therapy, and participate in the "adventure-based" counseling program. The Intensive Care Program at Valleyhead is for those who are "at risk for dangerous or unpredictable behaviors" and require 24-hour supervision. Once positive changes have occurred, students transition into the Basic Care Program where they learn to live "independently, productively and safely in a less restrictive setting."

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