New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Apr 23, 2004, 11:19

Hayden, Idaho
John Baisden, Admissions Director

Turning Winds is a co-ed facility that is accredited for alternative education, and a fully licensed therapeutic residential treatment facility. The program accepts children ages 12-17. The orientation period at Turning Winds is approximately four-months, but the length is determined by the individual progress of each student. During orientation, students participate in individual and group counseling sessions, team-building activities and outdoor adventures. After completing the orientation phase, adolescents prepare to transition back into their family environment, and when ready, they have an opportunity to gain employment and attend activities outside of the Turning Winds facility. The entire program averages approximately 12-months, and the two facilities house a maximum of 16 students.

The program is based on eight years of refinement, and offers an “environment where students have the opportunity to change,” while evaluating and building on their academic foundation and is based on the “whole child” concept. Turning Winds offers individualized instruction, on going assessments and one-on-one teaching because they believe this helps to “facilitate success, address learning difficulties, enhance self esteem, and provide career counseling and direction.” The Turning Winds staff includes a licensed therapist to ensure that all activities are assisting in the growth of each individual student.

By integrating outdoor activities with innovative therapeutic techniques, Turning Winds “provides structure and understanding for the adolescents.” Staff members email parents weekly with updates on their child. Turning Winds believes families are an integral part of the changing process, and parents are “encouraged to actively participate along with their child in making any necessary changes to accomplish this goal.”

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