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New Perspectives

Dec 12, 2007, 12:41

Thompson Falls, Idaho
Sean Thorn, Owner
(406) 827-8272

Turning D Ranch (formally known as TurnAround Ranch LLC, originally founded in 2004 by Sean and Denice Thorn) is a small facility for young men ages 12 to 17. The program is designed to address negative behavioral issues, which may include experimentation with drugs and alcohol, self-sabotaging, lack of motivation, low self-esteem, defiance and/ or manipulative behaviors.

Residents at Turning D Ranch attend group therapy on a daily basis. Therapy sessions are tailored to address specific issues and needs, allowing the students the opportunity to challenge old beliefs and logic, identify negative patterns and learn effective communication and listening skills. Western Montana Mental Health Center provides therapy services, as well as two therapists on staff for traditional and equine therapy.

Academic programs are designed for each individual through an accredited private school, providing courses and credits that are transferable. Students may also follow an independent study program through their school district, which can be monitored by staff members. As students maintain consistency with the program, transitioning to the local public school is available as an alternative.

In order to participate in structural building projects which include a new bunkhouse and outbuildings on the ranch, students must keep up and maintain their academics. The young men learn teamwork and communication skills, along with basic carpentry skills. Students participate in several outdoor activities, utilizing the natural wilderness of the area. These activities include backpacking, camping, hiking, river rafting and swimming. Karate, taught to the young men individually by Grand Master Dave, teaches them self-discipline and trust.

[The information on Turning D Ranch came directly from their website.]

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