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New Perspectives

Jul 8, 2010, 13:27

Duluth, Georgia
C. Barrington Hart

Turn Around Coaching, Inc. is a non-profit program for struggling young men and women, ages 10-20 years of age, offering life coaching and tutoring services. This is a self elect program, whereas the student wants to change the direction of their life. Life coaches are assigned to each young person, with boys-a male coach and girls, a female coach and after an initial meeting, a schedule is put in place for meeting on a weekly basis and telephone numbers are exchanged. These coaches offer mentoring and are there to listen and coach their client in regards to difficult situations they may be facing, offering choices, building confidence and raising self esteem.

As part of this coaching, rather than highlighting on negative choices and decisions made in the past, coaches focus their clients on the next step and what positive direction they would like to go by assisting them in writing a plan of success for overcoming situations, creating goals and working with them to acquire the necessary life skills to obtain these goals. At the same time their children are receiving life coaching, parents receive tutoring from professionals: school and drug counselors, doctors, police officers and others to assist them in acquiring parenting skills for creating a successful environment for their child.

C. Barrington Hart who has a master's in Counseling serves as President and Chairman of the Board for Turn Around Coaching Inc. Dorien B Hart serves as Vice Chair of the Board and is presently employed as a high school teacher and basketball coach. John Dance is the Secretary of the Board and is Sales and Operations Mgr. for Pepsi Bottling Group (a division of PepsiCo) and Frank Kulendran, also a member of the Board, graduated from the University of London with a major in computer science, is presently employed as Executive Vice President for Datamatics Consultants Inc.

[This information came from the Turn Around Coaching, Inc. website.]

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