New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Jul 23, 2007, 22:14

Waitsfield, Vermont
Tyler Maves, Program Director

True North Wilderness Program provides both therapeutic intervention and outdoor living skills for adolescents ages 14-17, with boys and girls separated into single gender groups. This program is for students who may be struggling with oppositional or defiant behavior, low self-esteem, depression, negative peer relationships, drug and alcohol use, ADHD, problems in school and dishonest and manipulative behaviors.

With a minimum length of stay of 28 days, students establish goals and objectives recommended by therapists and field guides. Students live and work together in groups of not more than six students, while two staff members oversee each group and communicate daily with a therapist. Students receive group therapy addressing daily life at True North, and individual therapy.

Students also complete a curriculum, which includes academic assignments for earned credit hours and personal portfolio work, identifying achievements and skills acquired as well as short and long-term goals towards transition home. In addition, each student completes a personally designed legacy project, allowing an individualization of experiences at True North.

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