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Transitions Of Galveston To Phase Out
Jul 6, 2008, 22:24

Transitions of Galveston Island

Transitions Of Galveston To Phase Out

Ashley Auchterlonie
Director of Marketing

July 3, 2008

Dear Colleagues,

I'm writing to share some important news with you about Transitions of Galveston Island (TGI). As you know, TGI is a recovery program for young men struggling with substance abuse or other addictions. Over the past several months, we have conducted a comprehensive and thoughtful assessment of our program, our location and our facilities. Importantly, the feedback we've received from you and your colleagues has been given special consideration.

Based on our findings, it has become clear that TGI is faced with several formidable challenges related to its location and living quarters. Although the program has helped many young men and their families over the past few years, numerous educational consultants have visited TGI and commented that our location and facilities didn't meet your expectations. We've heard the same from parents and residents in our program. And perhaps most importantly, we've listened. Unfortunately, we've been challenged to find alternative space on Galveston Island or the surrounding area.

After careful and thorough consideration, we've decided to close TGI. Please know that this has been a very difficult decision. Despite the valuable programming, our dedicated staff, and the positive results we've helped young men to achieve, we know we can do better. And since 60% of our current residents have completed our program and are scheduled to graduate within the next month, we will celebrate their accomplishment and wrap up operations at the end of July. Between now and then, we will devote much of our time to supporting families who need an alternative placement.

I'm confident that our decision to close TGI while we explore how to better serve young men struggling with addictions is the right decision. Solacium is actively evaluating other options and our CEO, David Michel, would welcome your suggestions and feedback. His email address is
I appreciate your past support. Thank you for the work you do on behalf of the young men we serve.

Best Wishes,

Matthew Estey
Executive Director
Transitions of Galveston Island

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