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New Perspectives

Oct 24, 2008, 13:25

Sandpoint, Idaho
Thomas and Stacey Jenkins, Founders

Tis A Good Life! is a unique new transitional living home/ program for young men and women ages 17-24 years old. They must have successfully completed a therapeutic program and either be in need of a safe place to practice those newly acquired relationship and life skills,wish to explore career possibilities through an internship or want to begin college or university studies.

Thomas and Stacey Jenkins, the programs Life Mentors and House Parents are both Waldorf Education trained, with Thomas teaching the elementary through middle school grades at the Sandpoint Waldorf School since 1994. He is also a consultant and mentor to other Waldorf teachers. Stacy has also been a class teacher at the Waldorf School and most recently worked as a counselor and life skills instructor at Monarch School in Heron, MT.

Encompassing the idea of the art of living, Tis a Good Life! focuses on role modeling and teaching the basics of healthy living of the body, mind and soul, and how to tap into one's creative side to find the beauty inside. Students have the opportunity to apprentice and learn from the masters by interning with a local artisan, craftsman or professional or by seeking a job in the local community. Students are given personalized support and coaching. They learn hands on how to find the balance between work and play and rejuvenation, while learning the art of simple living with clear intention, self discipline and daily practice.

Private Sessions with a licensed therapist are available in addition to attending AA meetings, NA meetings, Sandpoint Men's Group and Sandpoint Women's support groups. Volunteer service in the community is encouraged and the local Habitat for Humanity, Bonner County Hospice and local animal shelter are just some of the possibilities.

[This information came from the Tis A Good Life! Website.]


October 27, 2008

Great article... I wrote to them asking if their transitional program might be helpful for my 19 year old coming out of rehab. I am really glad to see you investigating programs for young adults. It's harder to find services for individuals over 18. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Michele Vossler
Reader since 1999

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