New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Jul 8, 2009, 12:27

Tucson, AZ
Lorenzo Sanchez
Owner and Head Transport Agent

Time to Go is a juvenile transport service that has been transporting youth ages 7-17 years old for the past five years to wilderness programs, boot camps, military schools, drug and alcohol rehab centers and programs, in addition to transporting juveniles to and from juvenile detention centers.

Owner and Head Transport Agent is Lorenzo Sanchez, who prior to his work with juveniles was a Sergeant in the Army and was then worked in the security field, transporting illegal immigrants and criminals worldwide. Other transport agents include Anthony Milano, who is also the travel arrangement director; Felipe Ruiz, who has 17 years of law enforcement experience, including his work on the Tucson Police Department's Gang and Drugs Special Units, and Saul Ortega.

A unique feature of Time to Go transports is that all transports are videotaped, for the safety of the juvenile as well as the agent. A copy of this video is available to the receiving program and the parents and guardians.

[This information came from the Time To Go website.]


September 29, 2009

WOW. No wonder IECA members shy away from transport companies if they all think thats how we operate. So much for a theraputic intervention.

Randy Stewman
Senior Transport Agent
U.S. Transport Service Inc.

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