New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Oct 23, 2007, 14:32

Monroe, Utah
Brian Wood, Assistant Director

Storm Ridge Ranch is a Residential Treatment Center with two locations, licensed by the State of Utah and Department of Human Services, for boys ages 13-17 that are experiencing negative behaviors such as disrespect for others, disregard of authority, aggression, lying, stealing and fighting. They may have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, depression or oppositional defiance. In addition, the students have struggled with loss and grief issues, adoption issues, academic struggles, truancy, and poor peer relations. The average length of stay is 9-12 months. Storm Ridge North in Monroe has 16 beds, and Storm Ridge South in Marysvale has 24 beds.

Designed as working ranches, Storm Ridge offers a structured environment for young men in academics and life skills. Accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, students participate in year round school with a 1 to 12 teacher to student ratio. In addition to traditional core classes, an integral part of the curriculum includes art, music, crafts, sports and service projects.

All therapists and counselors are licensed as LMFT, LCSW or LPC with the State of Utah and each boy has one hour of individual therapy, one hour of Substance Abuse counseling sessions (as needed), and seven hours of group therapy weekly. Family therapy, provided through phone conferences and on campus workshops, will assist students in learning “conflict resolution within the family system.” The key staff in Storm Ridge North includes Mary Ann Larsen, program director, Richard Larsen, Farm & Ranch Manager, Brian Wood, Assistant Director, and Trina Swalberg as Academic Director. Key staff in Storm Ridge South includes Darren Swalbert, program Director, Mandi Molchan, Assistant Director, Kevin Mikhan, Assistant Director and SueAnn Swalberg as Academic Director.

Recreational activities include seasonal camping and fishing exhibitions, house boating trips to Lake Powell, sledding, tubing and winter snow hiking.

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