New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Sep 16, 2009, 14:32

Ogden, UT
Emily Phillips

Soul Continuum is a new program that offers International and domestic therapeutic adventures for young adults ages 16 and over. They may be struggling with family conflict, low self esteem, anxiety or depression or have been diagnosed with PTSD, NVLD or ADHD. Also appropriate for this program are young adults in transition status such as those between programs, including graduates of wilderness programs, residential treatment centers or therapeutic boarding schools who may be in need of a structured option or for those who may be having a difficult time leaving the nest or individuals experiencing difficult stage of life changes such as moves, divorces or death.

Owner and founder, Emily Phillips, a graduate of the Utah State University, started Soul Continuum in 2009. Emily has worked at Aspen Youth Alternatives as a field specialist, Tahoe Turning Point group home, Island View and Aspen Institute. Assisting in the field is Michelle Murphy, LCSW, who specializes in child and adolescent care. She worked as a therapist in both private and public practice. Lisa Hampshire, LCSW, who has worked with families for the past 15 years, is the coordinator for the weekend retreats.

This program offers 28 day therapeutic interventions overseas, incorporating service projects, adventure, language and cultural education with exposure to different economic situations, different societies and religions. Participants explore their past, present and futures and learn to overcome fears through self discovery and relationship building while exploring such places as Nepal, Peru, Thailand and Croatia. Also offered at Soul Continuum are weekend retreats designed to reconnect relationships for Mother/Daughters, Father/Sons, Couples, Siblings and Alumni. Individual therapy, group therapy and activities are designed to target these connections with a wide and varied menu of activities to choose from.

[This information came from the Soul Continuum website and brochures, in addition to correspondence with Emily Phillips.]

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