New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Mar 3, 2009, 11:30

Kaysville, UT
Kyle S. Gillett
Admissions and Marketing Director

Solstice RTC is a new residential treatment facility for troubled girls ages 14-17 years old who may struggle with body image issues such as eating disorders and self harm, academic struggles, low self esteem, depression, substance abuse and family conflicts. In addition, these troubled girls may have difficulties with oppositional defiance, adoption and attachment issues and Aspergers disorder.

Founders of Solstice include, Dan Stuart, the Executive Director and Clinical Director, Kyle Gillett, Admissions and Marketing Director, with a PhD, in Marriage and Family, Keoni Anderson, the Residential Director and Addictions Counselor, and Brett Jensen, with an MBA in finance and Bachelors Degree in Education, who serves as the Financial Director.

Students at this residential treatment facility receive individual therapy, specialized group therapy, chemical dependency counseling, monthly family therapy sessions and EAGALA certified Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. In addition to traditional 12 step counseling, students participate in additional substance abuse treatment including SMART recovery, REBT, Women for Sobriety, Life Ring and other cognitive approaches.

Solstice is accredited by the State of Utah and the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS), with academics based on a "Hero's Journey." which includes universal themes found in literature, theatre and films, where the student works through phases and challenges to become her own "Hero." incorporating both the academic and therapeutic program. Experiential learning, also part of the curriculum, includes field trips, camping trips and hands on learning adventures.

The troubled girls participate in nutrition classes, meal planning and preparation and daily cardiovascular workouts, leading students into choosing to participate in community 5K runs, triathlons or century bike rides.

[The information for this New Perspective came from the Solstice website and electronic brochure.]

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