New Perspectives
New Perspectives

May 25, 2004, 14:26

Littleton, Colorado
Jessica Jimerson, MA, Executive Director

Founded in 1980, Shelterwood is a non-profit state licensed Residential Child Care Agency. This Christian based program offers counseling and support to teenagers from age 13 to 18 with emotional and behavioral problems. Shelterwood houses 68 students between its two campuses, one is located on 20-acres in Branson, Missouri, while the other is a 40-acre campus in Littleton, Colorado, just outside of Denver.

Accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Shelterwood averages a 1:6 teacher/student ratio, thus providing students with individualized academic instruction not only in core subjects, but also in an expanded curriculum designed to meet the special interests of the students. During the summer months, students participate in Shelterwood’s outdoor education program with special trips for mountain biking, white water rafting, mountain climbing, backpacking, camping and fly-fishing.

Teens in the Shelterwood program live with mentors, or ‘Big Brothers and Sisters,’ who are part of the LeadTime – Doulos’ discipleship training program for college-graduate age men and women. These mentors act as role models to help the teens “develop a foundation of trust, respect and integrity.”

Shelterwood recently introduced two new programs, Hope House and Family Intensives. Hope House is a 110-day substance abuse program for boys ages 15-18, with a maximum capacity of six boys. The tuition for Hope House is $20,000, and includes academic and recreational components, as well as individual, group and family therapy. At Hope House, the teens and their families work with certified substance abuse counselors and Christian mentors to develop individualized treatment plans. Family Intensives is a three-day program for the entire family. It is specifically designed to prevent family crisis’ and re-establish relationships.

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