New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Dec 27, 2007, 14:23

Provo, Utah
Douglas A. Gale, LCSW, Executive Director

ScenicView is a not-for-profit residential, education facility for adults with learning disabilities. The program addresses single young adult men who have been tested and diagnosed with learning disabilities, who do not use alcohol or inappropriate drugs and who want to improve their academic and vocational skills, social interactions and emotional health. Residency is determined by the individual's progress, from one to five years. Douglas A. Gale, LCSW, Executive Director for Scenic View since 2001, and Bobbie W. Pillar, LCSW, Director of Programs, head the team of therapists and staff at ScenicView.

Residents progress through three levels while living at SenicView. At level one, students learn life skills every day, such as cooking, cleaning, service, personal grooming, social skills, personal adjustment, decision-making, employment skills and problem solving. At level two, students may secure part-time work and/or initiate higher education through outside sources. With students in level three, the emphasis focuses on lifetime goals and long-term planning. While some students graduate after level three, others continue to live at ScenicView for the rest of their working lives.

ScenicView offers 24-hour structure built around a "Balance of Life" program. This enables residents to plan goals in eight areas of life: Creative, Educational, Emotional, Employment, Independent Living, Physical, Social and Spiritual. The program provides residents the opportunity to work toward their individual lifetime goals. Emphasis is placed upon continuing progression and positive involvement. As residents reach their goals they can set new ones and move on to greater accomplishments.

Activities include fitness instruction, full or part-time employment, recreation, assisting with on-going maintenance and operation of the campus and spiritually oriented activities.

[The information for this New Perspective on Scenicview came directly from their brochure and website.]

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