ROB SPEAR 1945-2009
Nov 24, 2009, 19:12

It is with sadness that we find ourselves celebrating the life of Rob Spear. He was well known in our network, and the following are some of the memories from a few of us who had the privilege to know and work with Rob. -Lon

The following is from the web site created by Anne Campbell, who worked with Rob as an Educational Consultant, in memory of Rob.

"Rob passed away on Tuesday November 17, 2009, after a long struggle with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). His spirit toward life never faltered as this awful disease took the use of his muscles away and eventually his life…. Rob made such a difference for so many kids and their families. His parenting wisdom, his firewall words and his guiding stories will be remembered by all who were lucky to have crossed paths with him…. I hope you will join me in watching a YouTube video I put together of Rob and his loving family. Anne also manages the web site created by her and Rob at

Lon Woodbury, Educational Consultant, Bonners Ferry ID: I first met Rob in the mid-eighties when he was hired by Mike Parr (the old-timers should know this name) to be Personnel Director for CEDU in North Idaho. Very quickly Mel Wasserman met Rob and was impressed by his potential. What resulted was a power struggle over Rob that made Rob mention to me once after work that he just wanted to hide in his cellar. Wasserman won, of course, and Rob fulfilled Mel's insight by the impressive task of becoming President of CEDU in a very few short years.

Bill Lane, Bill Lane & Associates, San Diego, CA: Very, very sad. I went to see him about 6 months ago and considering his condition he was in great spirits. He was a very witty, bright, funny guy. He never lost his spirit. He loved our work. He loved the people in our work. We worked together for years. He will be missed.

Jim Powell, Benchmark Transitions, Redlands, CA: I received a call from Rob a week before he passed away. He was only interested in talking to me about me and people we had worked with. When we got off I was struck by the fact that never once did he mention his situation. He ended our call by stating "I have to go. I have more important people to meet with" I recall thinking, he probably can't move any part of his body but his mouth and he is still trying to make me laugh and feel uplifted. I think this interaction best describes Rob Spear. He was a dedicated and loyal friend who should be given much credit for the development of the Emotional Growth school industry. Many of us learned what to do and perhaps more importantly what not to do with parents and their children who we came into contact with. Rob loved his life, family and friends greatly. He taught me numerous life lessons. He loved his life in North Idaho and I am proud to call Rob Spear my friend. May God bless Rob Spear and his beloved state of Idaho.

Larry Stednitz, Educational Consultant, Moro Bay, CA: My fondest memory of Rob was his unrelenting energy and enthusiasm for what he did. I recall Rob calling me when I was living in Montana. Rob enthusiastically said, "We have built an Alpine Tower where you can take kids to the top of the tower. It is the most advanced experience we can provide to kids without the risk of climbing a mountain top!" He was thrilled at this achievement and wanted to share it with everyone he could. I immediately drove to North Idaho to see what he had built, and upon seeing the Tower, I returned to Montana and erected an Alpine Tower for the program I was running in Montana. The Tower at Ascent is still operating and the Tower in Montana is also still being used. He produced many achievements in his lifetime. Rob was relentless in his thoughts and actions. One could not be in the presence of Rob without being humbled.

Sheila Tart-Zelvin, Boulder Creek Academy: I believe he was tough on people that he recognized potential in. He wouldn't let you give up or slow down, but kept pushing you to excel. He didn't care if you got angry or upset with him! When you did accomplish something, Rob would give you this look like he knew all along that you could do it! Parents loved him and would come from all over the country to hear him speak at workshops and seminars. I think his greatest connection was with parents and families! He will be remembered!

Laura Steck Morton, former co-worker of Rob, now with Woodbury Reports, Bonners Ferry, ID: My thoughts of Rob Spear go to his charming sense of humor (for almost a year, I had no idea that he didn't have an Irish brogue) and the twinkle in his eye when he was pulling a fast one over on you. For me personally, Rob was a lifeline, the voice on the end of a telephone many miles away when I was at my lowest point, reassuring me in his gentle way "that everything will be alright." Rob is the reason I came to North Idaho many moons ago and the reason I learned who I truly am and saw for myself the capabilities and strengths I have--something he saw in me the whole time. I will truly miss Rob and I am saddened by the loss of the charismatic Rob Spear. Thank you, Rob, for everything you gave me and taught me.

It is amazing how many people's lives Rob touched. He will be missed and remembered.

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