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New Perspectives

Apr 15, 2009, 14:54

Clearfield, UT
Dan Harrah, LCSW, Clinical Director

Renaissance Adolescent Services, Inc, is a small residential treatment and academic program for young women ages 12-17 who struggle with behaviors that can be harmful to themselves or others. These struggles may include addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, eating disorders, personality disorders, learning disorders, poor academic performance, depression, anxiety or grief related to loss or abandonment. In addition, they may have angry outbursts or try to control others through their acting out or withdrawal from their family, friends or activities.

Dan Harrah, LCSW, is the Clinical Director and Therapist at Renaissance. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Master's in Social Work from Arizona State University. Cami Clark, LPC. is the Co-Clinical Director and therapist. She received her Master's in Professional Counseling from the University of Phoenix. Rebecca Ellis, BA, the Director of Education, previously taught in the Long Beach Unified School District and served as department chair of the English Language Learner department and the History Department. Renaissance is accredited by the Northwest Associations of Schools and Colleges and licensed and governed by the State Department of Human Services.

The young women at Renaissance participate in several forms of therapy including addiction treatment, individual, weekly family sessions, and educational groups that zero in on specific issues of self esteem, social skills building and developing and maintaining healthy relationships. In addition, Renaissance stresses age appropriate recreational and experiential activities with structured team building and goals. Academics are individualized, with a custom curriculum created for each girl in which they are challenged to exceed their own expectations. Creativity is encouraged.

Recreational activities offered at Renaissance include hiking, camping, swimming, seasonal skiing, snowboarding and rappelling.

[This information came from the Renaissance Adolescent Services, Inc. website.]

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