New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Feb 21, 2008, 09:06

Pleasant Grove, Utah
W. Christopher Tolen, PsyD,
Founder and Clinical Director

Based in Utah, Redwood Grove Transitional Systems, Inc. is an after-care program for individuals directly out of a wilderness program or residential treatment center. The unique aspect of the program is an assigned therapist who comes to the client's home and community, spending between three to eight hours a week to establish a working relationship with both the parents and the client. During this first phase of the program, the therapist will provide individual and family therapy, coaching, crisis intervention and observation.

The therapists set up a network of support with the child's teachers, coaches, spiritual leaders and peers for the client as they work to meet goals that have been established by the family, the therapist and the client during the first sessions. Clients and their families identify strengths and weaknesses in five core areas including personal, family, social, spiritual and education, and develop a "family plan" of specific goals including: short-term, midway and long-term.

The program is divided into three phases and lasts from four to six months. Family members complete specific activities and therapeutic assignments during each phase. The therapist, through telephone or video conferencing, discusses the progress or concerns with the client and his or her parents weekly.

W. Christopher Tolen, PsyD, founder and Clinical Director for Redwood Grove Transitions, based this program on the "Multisystemic Therapy" (or MST) developed by the University of South Carolina. "MST views individuals as being inextricably connected within a larger community that includes peer groups, schools and neighborhoods. MST works with individuals within their own homes and embraces the larger community as a source of support and help for the individual."

[The information for this New Perspective was found on the Redwood Grove Transitional Systems, Inc. website.]

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