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New Perspectives

May 27, 2010, 08:39

Mesa, Arizona
Commandant J. Denton

Reality Ranch Military Camp is a para-military style correctional summer camp for boys ages 10 to 15. The program is intended to assist parents who want to correct minor behavioral issues or reinforce discipline in younger children before the behaviors become more serious. The camp also accepts young boys who have an interest in joining the military in the future.

Founder and Commandant J. Denton previously served in the United States Army both at home and abroad. His most recent position was as an Infantry Combat Platoon Sergeant. He is a certified EMT, Red Cross CPR and First Aid Instructor, a certified Combat Lifesaver, and a Trained Fitness Instructor. Reality Ranch Military Camp is licensed by the state of Arizona.

The program includes three main types of activities, military-style challenges and physical activities, life skills activities, and recreational pursuits. Utilizing a basic-training structure, participants experience a military-like atmosphere at an age appropriate level. Campers participate in military education including customs, history, behavior, and weaponry. Reality Ranch Military Camp seeks to promote emotional growth and maturity, life skills, exercise and healthy habits, and accountability.

Participants also have the opportunity to enjoy crafts, bivouacking, organized athletics, and target practice activities.

[This information came from the Reality Ranch Military Camp website.]

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