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New Perspectives

Dec 11, 2007, 08:22

Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Pamela Brighton - Clinical Director & Referral Information
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Penikese Island School is a small, surrogate family home for boys 15 to 18 years old that have repeatedly been unable to succeed in community settings and conventional treatment programs. Boys also generally come from broken homes. Average length of stay is 9-10 months, although the program does operate year-round.

The school has no household electricity and minimal indoor plumbing. Its buildings are heated with firewood the students chop themselves, and kerosene lanterns provide light at night. In keeping with the school's rustic atmosphere, Penikese students do not watch television, nor are they allowed personal radios, Walkmans or other electronic games or gadgets.

Students attend school six days a week in a one-room schoolhouse. Certified teachers guide students through a curriculum that emphasizes math, reading and writing. Students earn academic credit just as they would in any school. With a two-to-one student-to-teacher ratio, the amount of individual attention given each student is substantial.

Penikese also provides clinical services including individual and group counseling. A method called "Communication without Violence" helps reduce the motivating factors behind acts of crime. Therapy also includes family support and intervention, substance abuse treatment, and if needed, psychiatric consultations.

Penikese uses a point system that targets behavioral abilities essential for growth and change. Students are rewarded with pay for each point earned. Acceptable behaviors and positive choices are reinforced with privileges including home passes.

The Penikese Island School was established in 1973, as a private, independent and Massachusetts-accredited Chapter 766 secondary school. It is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Toby Lineaweaver is Executive Director of the program, Linda Navarro is Aftercare Coordinator, Pamela Brighton is the Clinical Director and David Ellison is the Special Education Coordinator.

[The information in this New Perspectives came from the Penikese website.]

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