New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Jul 6, 2010, 20:31

Bend, Oregon
Marci Padgett

Marci Padgett, owner and founder of Padgett Consulting Services offers customized services for families struggling with their own unique issues and behaviors that hinder the family unit from communicating with respect and creating a more rewarding family experience.

Marci Padgett has over 37 years experience working with struggling adolescents and their families in several capacities, such as a Director of Therapeutics at therapeutic boarding schools in the United States and in Italy and most recently has created a therapeutic program for young girls that is currently in operation.

Services provided by Padgett Consulting Services include: working with families in their home and arranging subsequent family work to be done via phone conferencing; intervention services and transition assistance with the family when a young person is leaving a wilderness program or therapeutic boarding school. Marci will visit the child prior to leaving the program setting and establish a relationship, giving the child confidence that they will be supported when they return home. If necessary, Marci will visit the home prior to the return to meet with family members to address their fears and support them in this transition process. Another service Marci offers is parent coaching which is done by phone communication.

[This information came from the Padgett Consulting Services website.]

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