New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Jun 2, 2004, 14:16

Snowmass Village, Colorado
Charles Elias, MSW, CAC III, Executive Director

PRN is an aftercare provider that specializes in family preservation and reunification for adolescents and their families. The three phases of the program include assessment, intervention and resolution. In the two to three-day assessment phase, a staff person from PRN works with the family in their home to gather information for transitioning the teen back into the home. During this process, the family begins the collaborative work of evaluating strengths, values and problems, and determines their specific goals and objectives.

As the family enters into the Intervention Phase, PRN begins delivering an intensive program of services to the family in their home by providing direct contact with a staff member of PRN, or through a local referral to another provider. The Intervention component of the program is customized and based on the needs assessment, specific goals, objectives and desired outcomes. The Intervention Phase includes parenting strategies, love and logic curriculum, communication skills training, behavior management techniques, emancipation/life skills training, school interventions, relapse prevention, case management and concrete advocacy services.

In the final Resolution phase of the program, the family is provided with continued support and resources from PRN through telecommunications and email. During this time, families are monitored on their progress, functioning and safety for up to a year. PRN also offers extended services and support for families who request additional help.

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