New Perspectives
New Perspectives

May 17, 2010, 13:39

Bend, Oregon
Malia Mullahey

Ohana House, named after the Hawaiian term "family" is an independent living program for young women ages seventeen and half to thirty years old who are struggling with the transition into adulthood, with the required agreement to create a plan in collaboration with their family that incorporates achievable goals and personal values.

Malia Mullahey is the founder and owner of Ohana House and specializes in working with young adults who struggle with substance abuse, trauma, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety in addition to working with young women as a midwife and working with those who are having a difficult time in transitioning to parenthood.

Live in mentors monitor the progress of the women, assist with conference calls between the women and their families and participate in weekly group sessions with the women, in which respect, honesty and accountability are communicated. Based in downtown Bend, OR, this program is located in two spacious homes, with common living spaces shared and residents are responsible for all chores needed to maintain their home. Residents learn to live in a family environment and face their struggles and successes with support from their housemates.

[This information came from the Ohana House website.]

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