New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Oct 11, 2007, 10:40

Ephraim, Utah
Greg Kersten – Founder

Founded last year by Greg Kersten, this service consists of five seminars leading to certification in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL).

Greg Kersten has been using horses to work with atrisk youth and criminal offenders since the early 1980s and asserts he originally coined the term “Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.” He has been involved with this rapidly growing and effective method of helping hard-to-reach clients for more than 20 years and this seminar series reflects his most recent innovative approaches.

EAP has been found to be very effective in the network of private parent-choice residential schools and programs that have adopted it, as well as by many public programs for children making poor decisions. However, benefits extend to more than that, to being of value to anyone who deals with people and wants to learn how to build better relationships and strengthen their verbal and nonverbal communication skills. This can extend to helping people wanting to enhance wellbeing into their own daily lives or be more successful in their business.

Each seminar can lead to EAP and EAL certification and can be attended in any order. The five seminars include:

Milepost Green – Giddy Up and Get Over It! This covers the basics of EAP and EAL.

Milepost Yellow – OK, It’s Family Time-Do Try This at Home! This seminar focuses on the emotional health and growth of families.

Milepost Blue – OK, Let’s Get Down To Business! This seminar teaches “timeless activities that are a hit with corporations year after year,” new promotional ideas, and tips on starting your own equine-assisted business.

Milepost Red – OK In Crisis. A two day seminar introducing crisis prevention and management training.

Milepost Purple – OK Everyday! A three-day seminar that takes EAP and EAL philosophies into the practical arena working with actual clients and experienced professionals.

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