Sep 6, 2007, 17:25

Gil Hallows, Chairman
PO Box 1064, Albany OR 97321
926-7252 x202

(The following is based on the ethical standards approved in the organization's January meeting)

The Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Industry Council (OBHIC) is committed to improving ethical standards and is continually working to address questionable practices. We welcome the industry's increased awareness of potentially compromising "dual relationships," which can occur when programs refer clients to outside professionals.

OBHIC member programs are to avoid those activities which promote dual relationships with professional referral sources. This includes paying for referrals (directly or indirectly), providing a single or specific referral source for a family in need, and requiring a family to enlist the services of an outside professional before admission to the program.

We encourage our members to maintain objectivity in all recommendations and counsel they provide to families. Referrals to external professionals are to be based solely on the needs of the child and family, disregarding entirely the interests of the program and/or referral source.

We honor the Standards of Good Practice set forth by the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and support and encourage member participation in the ethics forums established by National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP).

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