New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Aug 31, 2004, 14:39

Bonners Ferry, Idaho
David Yeats, Founder
Matt Fitzgerald, Co-owner

Northwoods is a residential program in Bonners Ferry where the students can earn a general high school diploma. With year round enrollment for up to 24 students, they accept boys between the ages of 12-17. The average stay is about 12 months. Northwoods' original campus is located in Bonners Ferry, ID, with a second campus in Sagle. In addition to the Idaho campuses, a Central Costa Rican campus is being used for a travel study program.

The Northwoods program focuses on academic and personal growth offering a "challenging and stimulating experience" tailored to the needs of the individual. Students learn through guided experience by explanation, demonstration and opportunities to practice new skills, progressing toward more responsibility. "Northwoods believes a healthy life includes a joyous existence in which one feels a 'zest for life,' a way of living that maximizes one's potential, a purposeful direction which gives meaning to life, an ability to adapt to the challenges of a changing environment, and a sense of social responsibility."

David Yeats founded Northwoods in 1993. He is a Licensed Social Worker in the State of Idaho and has personal experience as a teacher and counselor for the CEDU programs in northern Idaho. Co-owner and president, Matt Fitzgerald has over 10 years experience in CEDU education as an Administrator and Headmaster of different programs.

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