New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Aug 13, 2004, 14:34

Apple Valley, UT
Cory Gubler, Owner

The National Academy of Fitness (NAF) is an all-girl private residential school that emphasizes weight loss and healthy weight management. Surrounded by Zion National Park in Apple Valley, UT, this 20-acre ranch-like setting offers students on-site access to a variety of outdoor activities including mountain biking and hiking.

Upon arrival at NAF, each girl is assigned a coach whose job is to motivate, encourage and help her to achieve goals she sets for herself. Each student has the opportunity to choose and experience many different activities to help her maintain physical fitness. All of the students participate in cooking, making the menus and shopping for items. Although NAF does not restrict the foods the girls can eat, they are encouraged through positive reinforcement to select those foods that will benefit their personal goals. We maintain control. If we dont want them to eat it, its not in the house, said Cory Gubler, owner and founder of NAF.

The National Academy of Fitness program is a personal fitness and weight management strategy devised by Amy and Cory Gubler. A local doctor, Mel Carter, recommends their personal calorie intake and monitors their health throughout their time in the program. The program uses a nutritionist from the local college to help set guidelines that follows the food pyramid. NAF offers an open enrollment, accepts up to 12 girls whose stay ranges from six to 12 months depending on their goals and weight achievement.

Accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools, NAF also offers an education curriculum from Brigham Young University. This allows new students to transfer credits from previous schools, pick up where they left off and transfer the credits earned at NAF to future schools or colleges.

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