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New Perspectives

Jun 12, 2009, 09:26

Missoula, MT
Sandy Schmiedeknecht
Director of Admissions and Marketing

Novus, a program of Achievement Transitions Group, Inc., is a Christian based, mentor supported, transitional living program for young adults ages 18-24 years old. This family focused program is designed for those students who are transitioning from home or from a residential/inpatient program toward living on their own.

ATG was founded in 2004 by James R. Morton, Jr., MS, who was an Army Officer in Special Forces. He worked at Mount Bachelor Academy in the wilderness department and at Alldredge Academy developing curriculum before creating Integral Steps and Second Step, LLC. Casey Dunning, the Mentor Director, previously worked as a smokejumper and has worked for various government and private agencies designing and testing parachute systems as well as working for the Forest Service and the youth ministry in his church.

Independent living skills are taught through effective coaching, teaching and mentoring, with the focus on five areas of transition: Faith through establishing a supportive Faith community; Relationships through developing healthy and supportive relationships; Vocation by way of work experience and skill development or furthering their education; Independence through learning, practicing and growth in significant life skills; and Wellness, focusing on areas of self care, which may include nutrition and food preparation, physical health, positive recreation and emotional health.

This is generally a one year program, yet for some it may take longer. The process from time of enrollment to transition is broken down into four phases: Intensive, the initial move in process; Orientation and Acclimation, which includes a two day outdoor expedition and a parent workshop and visit; Learn, Practice, Grow and Refine, which shows how the family system is growing toward transition and includes two parent workshops with visits following; and the final Transition phase, which includes establishing a subsequent transition plan.

[This information came from the Novus website, brochure and newsletter.]

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