New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Nov 20, 2007, 15:15

Newport Beach, CA
Paul Hamblin, Director of Business Development

As part of the Morningside Recovery program, the Director of Education, Brendan Bickley, and the Director of the College Program, Jana Triplett, established the Morningside Academic Institute in 2006. Morningside Academic Institute (MAI) is an extended care drug and alcohol residential treatment center for young adults who are "chemically dependent and need help beginning or continuing their college education." Most residents have recently completed a treatment program; however, for those who have not, a 30-day minimum stay at Morningside Recovery is required.

The priority at MAI is treatment first and school second. Motivational Enhancement Therapy is used with the belief that "motivational strategies mobilize the client's own change," and is effective in producing change in problem drinkers. Students attend 12-step meetings, groups, sessions with their case manager and receive individual therapy.

MAI assesses students upon admission to determine the strengths and weaknesses, and reviews past transcripts and psychological or cognitive assessments as needed. A "Strategic Academic Action Plan" is created with recommendations for career testing, learning disability testing, special tutoring, skill enhancement training, life skills training and class recommendation lists. Students are given an individualized treatment and academic schedule that includes their classes, meetings, groups, etc. Students attend Orange Coast Community College, The Art Institute, FIDM, Chapman College or Saddleback College.

Residents reside together in a house on the beach in southern California which has been remodeled and equipped with wireless Internet and 24-hour supervision. For recreation, students participate in beach volleyball, surfing and swimming and visit local amusement parks. During winter months, students can go to the local mountains for skiing and snowboarding.

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