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New Perspectives

Oct 5, 2010, 09:35

Saginaw, Michigan
Pastor Salvador Flores
Executive Director

Mid-Michigan Teen Challenge grew out of a smaller outreach program before merging with the larger national organization Teen Challenge in 1974. The Christian-centered ministry program is designed for men and women 18 and over who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. The program is residential and lasts 14 months.

Executive Director of Mid-Michigan Teen Challenge is Pastor Salvador Flores, an ordained minister for the Assembly of God church. He has served as director of Mid-Michigan Teen Challenge for 27 years and has received special recognition from President Bush for 30 years of community service. Associate Director Alicia Flores is the wife of Pastor Flores and a graduate of The Latin American Bible Institute in Texas.

The program uses a strong Christian-centered ministry program with a focus on Bible study. By providing a structured environment, the students are better equipped to progress through their problems and strengthen their faith. The Mid-Michigan Teen Challenge utilizes the national parent organization, Teen Challenge's curriculum which emphasizes Bible study, love and acceptance of self, personal relationships with others, personal growth, attitude, and obedience.

The campus encompasses a city block and may minister up to 35 students at any given time.

[This information came from the Mid-Michigan Teen Challenge website.]

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