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New Perspectives

Jul 13, 2010, 15:44

St. Louis, Missouri
Stephanie Koller
Director of Admissions

Founded in 1970, Logos School is a therapeutic day school for middle and high school aged students. The program accepts students who have not succeeded in a traditional school environment or struggle with a range of issues including autism, anxiety, ADHD/ADD, Asperger's, chemical dependency problems, OCD, Tourette syndrome, and other behavioral or emotional disorders.

Stephanie Koller, Admissions Director of Logos School, has been with the school since 2007. She was employed by St. John's Mercy Medical Center as a family support coordinator and is a licensed social worker. She received her bachelor's degree from University of Kansas in psychology and a Master's degree in Social Work from Washington University. Logos School is accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education, the Missouri Department of Education, and the Independent Schools Association of the Central States.

Logos School utilizes an alternative education program to help meet the needs of student who have not been successful in more traditional school settings. A three part model is used consisting of academics, therapy, and parental involvement. The school operates year round and is divided into six academic terms. Each student is given an individualized education plan to meet their unique needs. This plan also includes therapeutic sessions with on-staff, full-time licensed therapists. Some of these therapeutic programs include individual counseling, conflict mediation, crisis intervention, anger management, behavior modification, and chemical dependency support education.

The program strongly emphasizes parental involvement in the educational process. Parents attend mandatory weekly group meetings facilitated by Logos School staff members and educators. These groups are used for discussion and problem solving support in which parents can interact with one another as well as with school personnel.

[This information came from the Logos School website.]

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