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New Perspectives

Apr 5, 2010, 13:07

North Salt Lake, Utah
Shawna Meredith
Admissions Director

Life-Line, founded in 1990, is licensed as both a residential treatment and day treatment center for teens who are struggling with emotional issues that may include Bi-Polar disorder, anxiety disorders, depression or dysthymia, ADHD, suicidal thoughts, PTSD and negative body issues and low self-esteem. In addition, teens struggling with substance abuse and addictions, compulsive lying, negative peer relationships and family conflict are also admitted for treatment. This family centered program is based on an evidence based model that incorporates eight core principles: Family, Community, Individualized care, Spirituality, Out Come research, Continuum of care, Recovery and Aftercare transition.

The Executive Director is Vern Utley, LCSW who has been with Life-Line since it started in 1990. Prior to his work at Life-Line, Vern was the Executive Director of the Utah Boys Ranch. The Director of Admissions is Shawna Meredith, who has worked at Life-Line since 2000 and Shane Petersen MBA is the Director of Administration and has also been with Life-Line since 1990.

Each student undergoes a 21 day evaluation which includes a psychiatric evaluation, psychological testing, a psychosocial history and lab workup. Students are assigned a primary therapist who meets weekly as a Multi-Disciplinary team to create an individual and family treatment plan. Students progress through five levels while in the program: honesty and spirituality, family relationships and service, relapse prevention planning; re-entry, application and lifestyle change and leadership.

Students participate in academics on campus which is offering core classes, electives, parent/teacher conferences, midterm reports and report cards and curriculum individualized to each student based on learning style and needs. Life-Line's recreation program includes daily exercise, team sports such as volleyball, basketball, running and yoga. Also included in their program are off site adventure activities such as rock climbing, river rafting, snow-shoeing, ice-skating, hiking, camping and biking.

[This information came from the Life-Line website.]

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