New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Jul 28, 2008, 19:44

Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada
Graydon Mitchell
Director of Admissions

Founded in 1979, Landmark East School is an international coeducational boarding and day school for student's ages 11-19 diagnosed with learning disabilities. Diagnosis may include dyslexia, attention deficit disorder (ADHD) or a non-verbal learning disability (NLD).

Timothy Moore is the Head of School, Glen Currie is the Director of Students and Grant Fedora is the Director of High School. Landmark East is an approved school through the Nova Scotia Department of Education, and its high school program and diploma are recognized by the Government of Nova Scotia. Landmark East is a member of the NSSAF (Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation) and ACIS (Atlantic Conference of Independent Schools).

Landmark East offers small class sizes, daily study hall time and a 3:1 student to teacher ratio. The middle school program uses a multi-sensory phonetic approach and incorporates language based programs utilizing the Orton-Gillingham method. The high school program has both required and elective courses that follow the guidelines of the Nova Scotia Public School Program, through "adaptive strategies" designed for each individual student. Landmark has an English Literacy Development (ELD) program for international students who are from countries where English is not the primary language of communication, with daily individual language tutorials that focus on developing language skills in the areas of listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Students participate in a daily athletic program, which includes both individual and team sports. Some of these sports include aerobics, basketball, cross-country running and skiing, dance, gymnastics, lacrosse, soccer and swimming. Recreational weekend activities scheduled to help build leadership and social skills include art, an equestrian program, music and school clubs.

[The information for this New Perspective came from the Landmark East School website.]

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