New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Jun 30, 2010, 12:51

Manalapan, New Jersey
Elissa Bowes

Higher Art focuses on using art therapy as a healing tool "for children, teenagers and families who have difficulty positively expressing and managing their behaviors and feelings." The various programs offered include a 6-month Art Therapy Support System, a 3-month Art Therapy Intervention Program, a Girl Power Group and providing consulting for existing programs. All art therapy programs are designed for adolescents who are struggling with low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, anger and aggression, stress, grief and loss and fears or phobias. In addition, Higher Art works with families and young people who have oppositional behaviors, social and relationship issues including divorce issues, acting out or shutting down behaviors and/or developmental and learning differences.

In describing Art Therapy, Elissa Bowes, founder of Higher Art says it "adds another dimension to self-exploration by providing a concrete tool, the created art object, allowing for an even further examination of life patterns and behaviors, through symbolic expression and metaphors."

Elissa works with emotionally challenged and at-risk children, adolescents, adults and families. Although most of her work in the past has been in New Jersey, she is open to bringing her services to other parts of the country. Elissa Bowes, MA, ATR-BC, and LCAT is a nationally board certified, registered Art Therapist and the founder of Higher Art, LLC and is a member of the American and New Jersey Art Therapy Associations. In addition to working with families and at-risk or emotionally challenged youth, Elissa is a consultant to organizations throughout New Jersey. The Community YMCA of Monmouth County, YWCA of Eastern Union County, Very Special Arts of New Jersey, the CPC Behavioral Healthcare, Children's Partial Care Program /Circle of Friends, Red Bank and Meridian Health, Manor by the Sea have all implemented Higher Art therapy into their programs.

[This information came from the Higher Art, LLC website.]

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