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New Perspectives

Jun 12, 2009, 09:14

Harmony Crisis Management Group, LTD
Shasta Lake, CA
Larry Spain
CEO and President

Harmony Crisis Management Group is an innovative educational consulting and life coaching/counseling agency whose mission is to help individuals, youth and families achieve excellence through life empowerment coaching. Harmony's unique philosophy of educational consulting and coaching empowers and equips each family with the tools needed to choose the best program for their youth and to become successful. With headquarters located around the country, Harmony is reaching people and changing lives on a national scale. Our CEO and President is entrepreneur Larry Spain, and our Executive Director, Angelina Stefanini, is a certified life coach and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

In recognition of tough economic times, Harmony's educational consulting fees and life coaching/counseling packages meet the needs of families and individuals of all income levels by operating on an income based fee structure, including three, six, and 12 month payment options. Harmony specializes in using Life Empowerment Coaching and counseling as an affordable and action-oriented option for families in crisis or for those who need guidance and support in choosing a therapeutic program. Harmony's teams of expert staff are stationed around the country and work in collaboration to create a strong foundation of support for its clients. Staff on board includes licensed professional counselors, life coaches, psychologists, educational specialists, wellness experts, financial experts, and many more.

Harmony's services include innovative features such as accompanying families to their programs of choice (upon request), as well as at the key time of admission to a program.

[The above information was provided by Angela Stefanini at Harmony Crisis Management Group.]

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