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Greenbrier Denies All Charges
Aug 20, 2008, 11:33

Greenbrier Academy
Pence Springs, WV

Greenbrier Denies All Charges

Matthew A Hart

August 18, 2008

Due to the recent article in the Charleston, West Virginia Gazette, Greenbrier Academy would like to respond to our clients and partners within our field. Thank you for your continued support and understanding of our commitment to excellent care. We find this lawsuit unfortunate and unnecessary, and although some people have decided to air these grievances publicly, Greenbrier Academy is a professional organization with the highest ideals at the forefront: we will not provide lengthy details of this case beyond disclosure of our position and two salient points.

Greenbrier Academy emphatically denies all charges in this case. Allowing the results of the current proceedings to speak for themselves will prove to be the most honorable course of action. Please know that we understand the negative light this suit casts on our school: we cannot begin to impress the importance of protecting our students through conservative action with the media. The unconnected allegations regarding staff and student were misleadingly represented in this article and details were omitted. The headmaster of Greenbrier Academy followed all protocols and communicated with the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources in a timely and appropriate manner. There was no impropriety with a student. Greenbrier Academy could not and would not continue to operate without having the highest level of care and safety of our students in mind.

We firmly stand behind Ron Schwenkler and his continued excellent reputation for competency and professionalism. We applaud all our staff and their steadfast perseverance and irreproachable standards. We invite each and every one of you to visit our outstanding facilities to see for yourself the superior service and program we provide.


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