New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Dec 13, 2007, 12:25

Pence Springs, West Virginia
Vivian Conly, Director of Admissions

Greenbrier Academy is a girls' therapeutic boarding school that integrates personal discovery, character development and academic excellence. Founded September 2007, Greenbrier is specifically designed to assist young women, grades 9-12, in their academic development and self-confidence. All girls must successfully complete a wilderness program prior to enrollment.

Upon enrollment each student joins a team, which consists of a licensed therapist, academic advisor and nine other students. The team enables students to share in leadership and service roles and build long-lasting friendships. Students work together as a community, learning how to support one another and discovering unique ways of expressing their talents for the benefit of the whole school. The girls are encouraged to explore, define and implement their personal goals and values.

Students participate in academics both inside and outside the classroom through experiential and project-based curricula. They also engage in a wide variety of outdoor and extracurricular activities. College-prep curriculum includes English, Humanities, Science, Mathematics, History, Technology, Performance, Art, Music, Physical Education and World Languages and Cultures.

Counselors and mentors work closely with students, providing support, encouragement and challenging them to look beyond themselves for meaning and understanding. Additionally, students learn the value of embracing an altruistic life purpose and have the freedom to embrace their personal relationship with a higher power. Students have weekly one-on-one sessions with licensed therapists and are involved in group discussions. These discussions help to resolve daily interaction issues, as well as individual issues concerning body image, addiction, peer influences and family relationships.

A unique component to the program is the opportunity to interact and work with an array of falcons. Students who exhibit an additional interest in the ancient art of "hawking" will have the opportunity to participate in Falconer's Club, where girls learn how to train and care for birds of prey and work towards licensure as a falconer.

Greenbrier Academy is licensed by the West Virginia Department of Education. The CEO and Headmaster of Greenbrier is Benjamin Hill, III. L. Sheffield, is the Academic Director, and the Clinical Director, Ron Schwenkler, co-developed and facilitated the Alldredge Academy After Care program.

[The information for Greenbrier Academy came directly from their brochure and website.]

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