New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Oct 5, 2010, 09:44

New Preston, Connecticut
Maryann Campbell
Executive Director

Glen Ridge, an affiliate of The Glenholme School and part of the Devereux network, which was established in 1912, is a college and employment coaching program for young adults with learning disabilities and Asperger's disorder which focuses on building necessary skills for succeeding in these settings, in addition to developing social skills needed to build self confidence.

Built on a "relationship coaching curriculum, Glen Ridge utilizes academic coaches and the university disability services office to help students structure their time, offer support and help students create manageable schedules to gain independence. Some students may opt to participate in full time or part time work as an alternative to academics, therefore Glen Ridge has life coaches and job coaches to teach the necessary skills for future employment such as: applying for and interviewing for jobs, how to build confidence and succeed in the work place and how to act and behave appropriately in social situations. In addition, students learn life skills including money management, banking, and meal preparations and shopping that will lead to their independent living.

The clinicians at Glen Ridge take an active role in the student's life by identifying past behaviors that prompted difficulty for them and help them replace those with new positive skills they have learned and how to use these newly acquired skills successfully in social settings and in their relationships.

Students participate in a variety of community interactions either through recreational activities, study groups, joining community and school organizations of interest or by volunteering in the community. Transportation options include, public transportation, utilizing their own vehicle if applicable or by transportation provided by the school.

[This information came from the Glen Ridge program website.]

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