New Perspectives
New Perspectives

May 8, 2012, 04:34

Rathdrum, Idaho
Ron Mendenhall

Focus Point is a new individualized transition program for young adults, ages 18-24, who are having difficulty transitioning from high school to college or to a career. The program is also focused on those lacking motivation, or suffering from low self esteem, impulsivity and or alcohol or substance abuse relapse issues. Focus Point also works with young adults with anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD and have academic or vocational difficulties.

Ron Mendenhall is the founder of this new program and has been working with young adults and adolescents for 20+ years in various schools and settings, most recently as one of the founders of Monarch School, established in 2001. Ranel Hanson, also one of the founders of Focus Point and Admissions Director of this new program, worked with Ron at Monarch School as the Admissions Director.

Based in a 5 bedroom house, located near several colleges including North Idaho College, University of Idaho, and Lewis-Clark State College, also offering close proximity satellite programs. Students enrolled with Focus Point will participate in life skills, home management, meal preparation and finance management in addition to college or job skills trainings. All students will learn about giving back through community service work, will learn about personal health management and grooming and participate in recreational therapy. Because of its location in North Idaho, Focus Point offers several recreational activities utilizing the abundant mountain lakes and rivers for kayaking and boating, hiking, biking, fishing and white water rafting in the summer months and skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.

[This information came from the Focus Point website and introduction letter]

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