New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Dec 20, 2007, 18:08

Erie, Pennsylvania
Gary Smallshaw, Director of Admissions

Family First Academy is a new co-ed college preparatory boarding school for grades 8-12 opening January 2008. A non-denominational Christian school, FFA provides structure and defined expectations for students needing assistance with self-discipline and motivation.

Along with traditional college preparatory academics, FFA offers dual credit college courses through RCI's (Regional Choice Initiative) Dual Enrollment Program. Customized extracurricular and campus activities are the specialty of FFA, meeting the needs of each student with the use of sports, athletic and fitness programs. A full range of organized athletic programs including basketball, soccer, flag football, lacrosse, volleyball, track and field, cheerleading, martial arts, softball and golf provide structure and motivation for the basic beginner to the advanced athlete.

Students attend academic classes at the affiliate school, Erie First Christian Academy, a member of Accreditation of Christian Schools International, which is located 200 yard from the FFA residence hall. Students are “assigned” both academic and residential mentors that guide and monitor progress. Private tutoring and specialized programs are available as well.

FFA provides an integrated learning and living experience with defined expectations on personal responsibility and accomplishment, attention to homework, proper dress code, punctuality and fulfillment of commitments and obligations. At the same time, students also experience some of the freedoms of college as they live in dorm rooms and learn the independence necessary for college success.

The discipline system at FFA is based on the theory that students earn points each week in five areas that make up their daily life. They earn points by completing the expected tasks in each area, and the more points that they earn, the more privileges they will earn. Students are in control of their actions and choices, with positive choices resulting in more privileges, poor choices resulting in fewer privileges.

Family First Academy's campus is on 75 acres with a dormitory, field house, 2 indoor soccer fields, 21 outdoor soccer fields, 5 basketball courts and an indoor golf driving range.

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