New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Apr 6, 2008, 21:53

Quito, Ecuador
Guy LeGuyonne, Admissions Director

Equestrian Winds encompasses all the challenges and accomplishments involved with life on a fully functional Andalusian horse-breeding ranch. Located in the Andes Mountains 45 minutes outside of Quito, Ecuador, students are immersed in the authentic lifestyle of rural Andean culture. The ranch's central location allows students to fully experience the ethnic and geographic diversity for which Ecuador is famous. Our typical student is; 17 to 22 years old, female, desiring a maturity enhancing, culturally- filled international life experience.

Alvaro Lugo is the Program Director, Gaby Haboud is Program Coordinator/ Public Relations, and the admissions are handled by Guy LeGuyonne. The EW experience is designed to develop and reinforce a functional "Life's Toolkit" of ideas and applications. It accentuates Inner Direction, Evaluative Thinking, and Work Efficiency in a relationship-rich environment. A consistent cycle of theory and practice at all levels creates an ideal environment to refine the process of assessing and recreating one's personal vision. All classes, work experience, and community volunteering incorporate classroom instructions and relevant supervised activities.

University Credits are offered in three categories; Equestrian Studies, Spanish Language, and Social Science. High School completion is also available for advanced students with minimal graduation requirements. Equestrian Winds' first academic focus is on Equestrian Studies. This includes three levels of Dressage riding instruction, Veterinary Sciences, Stable Management, and grooming and Ferrier-ship. All students maintain a minimum of 10 hours per week in supervised personal relationship with their horse. Simultaneously, three levels of Spanish Language are offered ranging from beginner to advanced level. The instruction and materials are based on the upcoming weekend aventura. Whether it is shopping at the local outdoor market or visiting one of the many indigenous tribes in the Amazon basin, vocabulary and phrasing for the week are designed to be put into practice during the aventura. In Addition, each student has the option of turning their bi- weekly cultural travel into a comparative studies course in either culture or ethnic studies.

Equestrian Winds is now reviewing applications for the May 1, and June 15, 2008 enrollment dates.

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