New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Nov 4, 2004, 19:49

Santa Clara, Utah
John Karren, Admissions

In October, Second Nature announced the opening of Second Nature Entrada, a three to seven week therapeutic wilderness program for adults 18 and over, and adolescents ages 13-17. Appropriate students struggle with a variety of emotional and behavioral issues that include depression, learning differences, oppositional defiance, attention deficit disorder, attachment issues and Substance Abuse Disorders.

Entrada offers a program that is both flexible and customized to each client’s need. Lengths of stay vary "in order to accomplish goals, and prepare the client for the transitions and steps ahead."

The field staff is "skilled in communication strategies, crisis intervention and group counseling techniques." Treatment consists of daily group therapy, individual weekly therapy, therapeutic assignments, and program activities. Individual sessions are conducted by a therapist each week. The therapists are doctorate and masters level clinicians who provide weekly training for staff and closely monitor the student's treatment and progress. Therapists use cognitive, behavioral, experiential, and psychodynamic methods to produce positive change. Psychological testing is available for adults if the client or their support group requests.

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