New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Jan 21, 2010, 14:15

Berlin, New Hampshire
Jim Cochran

There are two facets to the Enriched Learning Center (ELC) program. First, ELC operates a small, co-educational alternative day school that serves both high school and middle school students. The goal of the day school is to offer students an opportunity to access the state required educational standards in non-traditional ways. This is accomplished through hands on curriculum, vocational skills training, community based activities and social skill development.

ELC focuses on enabling students to self-regulate their behavior in socially acceptable ways through personal accountability. Students learn in a structured environment that consistently monitors their progress on individual goals. Group problem solving, individual counseling and personalized crisis plans help students realize new avenues for their actions.

In addition to the day school, ELC also provides year round adventure-based programming for children, families, individuals or groups.

ELC offers a variety of year round adventures: Including guided rafting, biking and hiking throughout the Western Maine and Northern New Hampshire. Educational adventure-based programs are for all levels of educational need and include raft and ropes courses, reading/ writing programs and extended school programs for special education students.

The team building and leadership programs foster individual and group development for the team's overall efficiency and production. These programs were designed with the corporate and educational environment in mind, combining experiential and adventure-based initiatives with research-based presentations to provide a comprehensive analysis of a team's strengths and weaknesses and develop programming to meet the group's needs.

ELC also offers a number of family-based initiatives that incorporate outdoor adventures, local history and culture to provide a unique learning experience.

The ELC staff is comprised of experienced teachers, instructors and outdoor enthusiasts who have a passion for adventure and travel and are excited to share and teach their knowledge and expertise.

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