New Perspectives
New Perspectives

Aug 2, 2007, 11:26

Heron, Montana
Loretta Olding, Admissions

Elk Creek Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for young men age 14 through 18 who have shown problems with substance abuse, social and family disorders, low self-esteem, learning disorders/behavioral disorders, ADD/ADHD and related clinical disorders. They may have abandonment issues, depression, psychosocial and environmental problems.

Using a 12- step based program that is Christian oriented, the average completion time for this program is one year. Students attend a non-denominational church each Sunday and participate in a community youth group each week. Academics are provided through Lighthouse Christian Academy which is fully accredited by CITA and SACS. Students are required to attend at least two AA or NA meetings a week, along with participating in the daily household chores and meal preparations, and must complete five community service hours per week.

With Lake Pend Orielle and Schweitzer Mountain Resort so close, students have the opportunity to experience skiing and snowboarding, water skiing, wakeboarding, hiking, fishing and mountain biking.

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