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New Perspectives

May 6, 2010, 19:09

Malibu, California
Karen Kellejian, MA
Director of Marketing

Echo Malibu, a residential treatment program works with young men and women ages 12-17 who are struggling with alcohol and drug addictions, behavioral problems and co-occurring disorders and dual diagnosis. With an average length of stay of 30 days, participants at Echo Malibu receive an individualized treatment plan based on a psychiatric evaluation and psychological assessment given upon admission.

Alonso Dominguez, MA, is the Executive Director, Karen Rubenstein, MA, MFT, is the Clinical Director and Steve Sager, MD is a child and adolescent psychiatrist, in addition to being responsible for all medical aspects of the program. Echo Malibu is licensed by the state of California, is an associate member of NATSAP, National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, CRC Health Group, BBB, Malibu Chamber of Commerce and works in association with the Fulton Psychological Group.

Besides traditional individual, group and family therapy, teens also participate in animal assisted therapy,12 step meetings, expressive arts therapies that include art, music, writing and drama workshops and the dream project, which is a therapeutic interpretation of client's dreams including images and symbols of those dreams. Other therapies available include acupuncture, yoga, massage and recreational therapy.

Social skills training are a part of daily life for the clients and cover such topics as: avoiding fights and solving arguments, drug refusal skills, conversation and social problem solving skills. Echo Malibu has an onsite classroom for clients to stay current with their academics and tutors are provided by the University of California Los Angeles to work with those struggling in specific areas.

For healthy, fun and sober recreation, clients can choose from a wide variety of activities both onsite and off. These include: beach trips and surfing, hiking, sports and sporting events, trips to amusement parks, museum trips, sober parties and attending community 12 step youth groups.

[This information came from the Echo Malibu website.]

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